Gregory and Virginia Chaitin | Against Method

“Fashion is evil. And I think that talented people should be against fashion! Should be against the ideas of the majority! Fight the system!”


Gregory Chaitin (b. 1947) is a mathematician, an expert in complexity. Already as a young prodigy he contributed greatly to the philosophy of mathematics and computer science. Chaitin states that although there are truths in science that cannot be proven, there is reason for huge optimism.

This natural born rebel has been recently constructing a theory of the source of beauty and creativity in nature. The new theory that he calls metabiology.

We’re meeting Gregory and Virginia – his wife, his muse, his intellectual partner and scientific collaborator – at the tiny Brazilian island of Paqueta, their philosophical retreat.

Gregory and Virginia Chaitin

Gregory and Virginia Chaitin

GREGORY CHAITIN | Against Method

Written, filmed, edited by Karol Jalochowski

Produced by POLITYKA weekly
Supported by Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

Running time: 46:00
Original language: English

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