Daniel C. Dennett | Do Lobsters Have Free Will?

“The whole spectrum of life depends on uniting the living with the non-living, the meaning with the non-meaning, the purposeful with the merely mechanical.”


Daniel C. Dennett (b. 1942) from Tufts University is probably the most influential philosopher today and a great reformer in the fields of philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and philosophy of biology.

For nearly half a century he has been searching for answers to the following questions: What is consciousness? What is free will? Is faith a natural phenomenon? What are the roots of irrationalism? He is also known for reverse-engineering the mind using humor – and having a weak spot for VW Beetles.

The film is an unique recording of a one-to-one meeting with the philosopher at his home in northern New England.

DANIEL C. DENNETT | Do Lobsters Have Free Will?

Written, filmed, edited by Karol Jalochowski
Music by Scott Johnson
Produced by POLITYKA weekly
Supported by Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore
Running time: 46:00
Original language: English

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