Charles H. Bennett | A Drinking Bird Mystery

“What record of the past exists in the present? If you have some information that was not considered important at the time and nobody bothered to save it, is it still there?”


Charles H. Bennett (b. 1943) is an American thinker, physicist, and information theory pioneer with astonishingly broad interests – one of the inventors of quantum cryptography and a famous phenomenon heavily exploited by science-fiction, the quantum teleportation. But that you can discover on the Internet.

In this installment of Pioneers doc series Bennett tells a touching story of the ambiguity of the past, and the complexity of the present.

Strolling in the autumnal woods of Massachusetts we shall follow some tiny events like waves shaping the surface of a forest lake and ask whether they’re doomed to be entirely forgotten – or not.

Charles Bennett

Charles Bennett

CHARLES H. BENNETT | A Drinking Bird Mystery

Written, filmed, edited by Karol Jalochowski
Music by Boyd Bennett, arranged and performed by Jan Bokszczanin

Produced by POLITYKA weekly
Supported by Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

Running time: 1:04:00
Original language: English

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