Artur Ekert | A Model Kit

“What happened is what happened. But what didn’t happen perhaps happened as well.”


In 1992 Artur Ekert (b. 1961), a young maverick mathematician and physicist, invented a unique kind of quantum cryptography. Being a recipe for the perfect cipher, it also questioned some common truths about the nature of free will, randomness, and the deepest structure of the our reality.

Despite being intensively researched the idea remains remarkably challenging and elusive – as does its inventor, who seems to inhabit many universes simultaneously.

This rare movie presents Artur Ekert in his ad hoc habitat, in Singapore.

Artur Ekert

Artur Ekert


Written, filmed, edited by Karol Jalochowski
Music by Jacek Mazurkiewicz

Produced by POLITYKA weekly, Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

Running time: 55:00
Original language: English

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